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Face Care / Chocolate Facewash (100ML)

Chocolate Facewash (100ML)

150 120



  1. Cocoa Powder
  2. Aloevera Gel
  3. Cold pressed Almond Oil
  4. Castor oil
  5. Vitamin E
  6. Raw Honey
  7. Base (q.s)

Product Description

If you love chocolate, you’ll love this Facewash. Enjoy it all you want and you won’t gain an ounce.


Chocolate is good for you. We use only real chocolate, an absolute of cocoa beans from the cacao tree, Theobroma cacao. The genus name Theobroma means "food of the gods." Also from Theobroma cacao comes the cocoa butter we add as an excellent emollient to soften your skin.


Nature's botanica Chocolate  handmade Facewash delivers a bounty of antioxidants and phytonutrients to and through your skin. Its scrumptiously scented creamy lather is anti-bacterial as well. 

With its great sun protection properties. It shields your skin against detrimental UV rays & helps preventing conditions like sunburns