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Skin Care / Cold Pressed Virgin Almond Oil (100ML)

Cold Pressed Virgin Almond Oil (100ML)

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Cold Pressed Almond Oil

Product Description

Nature's Botanica Almond Oil is extracted from handpicked sweet raw almonds by cold pressing it making it purest and edible oil. There are monounsaturated fatty acids, such as potassium, zinc, proteins and many other vitamins and minerals present in the oil which makes it highly beneficial and useful. Nature's Botanica Almond Oil can be used for both beauty as well as culinary purpose.
Benefits of Almond Oil :
1. Almond Oil helps in delaying several signs of aging.
2. Almond Oil carries anti-inflammatory properties.
3. Almond Oil is ideal for different massages and skin care products.
4. Almond Oil regulates blood pressure and balances cholesterol levels.
5. Almond Oil elevates immunity and aids in digestion.
6. Almond Oil helps in getting rid of split ends as well as treats dandruff.
7.Almond Oil protects from the harmful UV rays of the sun and prevents suntan.
Uses of Almond Oil :
1. Apply Almond Oil on eyelashes and keep it overnight to make them grow longer.
2. Add few drops of Almond Oil in a glass of warm milk and shed some weight.
3. Drizzle some Almond Oil over the salad and get that instant boost of energy.
4. Massage nails with Almond Oil to prevent them from breakage and being brittle.
4. Heat Almond Oil a bit and massage joints and muscles to relieve pain and cramps.
5. Massage scalp with Almond Oil to keep hair fall and dandruff at bay.
6. Gently rub Almond Oil on cracked and chapped lips every night to get luscious lips.
Almond Oil can be used as an alternative to Make-Up Remover for all skin types.