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Soaps / Papaya Cucumber with Honey(100gms)

Papaya Cucumber with Honey(100gms)

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1.Papaya Extract

2. Cucumber extract

3. Raw honey

4. Cold pressed almond Oil

5. Vitamin E

6. Glycerine

8. Papaya Essential oil

9. Castor Oil

10. Base(q.s)

Product Description

Nature's Botanica Papaya & Cucumber with honey handmade soap is exceptionally superlative product that revitalizes skin to make it soft & healthy.
Papaya Extract used in this soap contain enzyme papain & chymopapin which helps to decrease inflammation. The enzyme papain along with alpha hydroxy acid in papaya acts as a# natural exfoliater# & effectively #dissolve dead skin cells# which leads to #lightening&brightening# of skin. Its regular use reduce #age spots# & #wrinkles# & reduce dark circles. It contains #Vitamin A & Vitamin C# which helps to #lighten# the skin.
Cucumber acts as a base for#hydration#, soothes irritation & helps to combat #premature ageing#
Raw Honey another ingredient is a natural antibacterial so it is great for acne treatment. It is also rich in antioxidants which is great for slowing ageing & boost complexion
Almond oil is also added in it which has a excellent moisturizing effect especially for people who have dry or sensitive skin. It is also rich in vitamin E which protect the skin from sun damage..