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Aloevera Tulsi Soap

activated charcoal soap

Nature's botanica aloevera tulsi soap is made up of aloevera, tulsi, cold pressed almond oil and extra glycerine which make your skin glowing and soft.

Aloe 'a miracle plant' it nourishes the body & acts as a excellent moisturizer. Aloe unclogs pores, soften the skin and even slow down signs of ageing.

Tulsi 'another wonder plant' also called the holy basil is an ancient Indian ayurvedic botanical compound that has powerful antibacterial effects. Holy basil acts as a mild astringent, a good cleanser and a great tonic for the skin.

Along with this extra glycerine n cold pressed almond oil gives your skin a new glowing effect.

aloevera tulsi soap
aloevera tulsi soap